Support materials : cement, MDF, particleboard, plexiglass, pvc, iron, steel, wood, aluminum.
Support material Mdf
The DF Design metallic finishes are applied to many surfaces including upholstery, floors, fixtures and furnishings. In particular, the DF finishes are applied to surfaces in MDF.
MDF Olimpo Panels.
DF Design olympus are the new mdf panels performed by metal powders application and natural beeswax finishing. The panels are mono- or double-sides and they have been created to meet the modern requests of architects, craftsmen, planners and designers.
Applications: covering of building elements, window and door frames, elevators, suspended ceiling, partitions, furniture, shutter, stand and office partitions, urban furniture, housing covering elements, public places, hotels and shipbuilding.

Olimpo panels are available in different dimensions and thickness according to the customer's request. On request you can have different finishings: with polish, opaque or satin resin.
Examples of application of the material
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